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This family includes 8 genus and about 1,000 species, mainly located in warm zones of the northern hemisphere. They have a great ecological importance, because they make up a very high proportion of the forest mass. Additionally, some species have great financial importance (wood, cork), and also alimentary importance (chestnut, walnut,…).

The most important genus in Spain are Quercus (to this genus belong Oak, Holm oak, Cork oak, etc.), Castanea (incudes Chestnut tree), and Fagus (mainly represented by Beech).

The pollen of Quercus genus is small-medium sized (22-26 µm in size), spheroidal, with a granulated-verrucous surface.

Its pollen season is predominantly between April and May.


** Photos (c) Menarini, S.A. – Hospital Clínico de Barcelona